Data and Content Benefit Walmart and Manufacturers

Walmart has called for data and content from all of their suppliers for every product in their portfolio. They plan on using the information for the product page on That is pretty well known by now. What still seems to be a question, though, is why Walmart wants it and how it’s good for the manufacturers to play ball. Dave Feinleib of Content Analytics recently sat down with Eric Howerton to discuss.

First of all, it’s a pretty big challenge to pull all of this data and content together, not to mention putting it together in the right package to be Walmart compliant. Companies like Content Analytics and WhyteSpyder exist for this purpose. They’ll not only compile the information, but will also validate that the content is there and reads a manner that’s in line with the manufacturer’s message. The goal is to make your product shine for the consumer.

Brand teams have worked hard to gain the trust of their current customers and be attractive to new ones. Walmart wants to foster and build upon this trust. Incomplete or lacking product pages on undermine customer confidence. They’re going to go with the retailer or manufacturer that makes an investment in providing the information that they want to make an informed purchase decision. And they want a lot.

Manufacturers supply Walmart for a reason. The largest retailer in the world is a valuable platform for selling their products. Walmart is a company that people trust and provides tremendous visibility for manufacturers of any size. It’s important, especially for the omni-channel shopper, that a barrier doesn’t exist between the online and in-store shopping experience. Providing product data and content is the only way to diminish those walls. The more volume and accuracy of the provided information, the better the product will perform. There is no such thing as too much.

To learn more about the importance of data and content and the help that’s there for the manufacturer in this arena, listen to the entire podcast.

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