Field Agent: The BOPUS Trend

Guess what? BOPUS is a thing…and it’s likely to become a household phrase in the coming months. BOPUS stands for “buy online, pick up in store,” also commonly referred to as “click-and-collect.” This phenomenon is part of the larger omni-channel shopping trend where consumers combine in-store, online and mobile channels to make a purchase.Buy Online

It was reported that just last Christmas, one-third of holiday shoppers said that they used a click-and-collect service. Some retailers have gotten onboard and expanded their mobile and online capabilities to meet their customer’s digital desires, but most are falling further and further behind the curve.

Thanks to Field Agent for pulling together some compelling reasons to not ignore the BOPUS trend any longer. They surveyed 200 shoppers about their click-and-collect experiences and this is what they found:

  • Walmart is winning the BOPUS game at present. Seventy-nine percent of respondents said that they’ve used Walmart’s order online service for store pickup. Best Buy was a distant second at 52% with Target, Kohl’s and Home Depot falling in line behind.
  • Intuitively, electronics was the most BOPUSed product category with 73% of those surveyed responding affirmatively. Clothing was second at 49%.
  • Half said that they’d “completely” or “very” likely move on to another retailer if BOPUS wasn’t offered at their first choice. Another 25% responded that they were “moderately” likely to look elsewhere. That’s a 75% likelihood that a retailer that doesn’t offer a click-and-collect option is losing business.
  • Only 3% of shoppers quizzed said that they “always” buy something else while picking up their online order, but 27% said they “often” do and 51% responded with “sometimes.” It’s a very good chance, then, that by enticing shoppers into your store through BOPUS services, you’ll make additional sales and potentially gain a repeat customer. Isn’t that the name of the game?
  • A lot of customers just plain feel like shopping online is easier. A whopping 88% said that they use click-and-collect to avoid paying shipping costs. Seventy-seven percent responded that it’s easier to browse merchandise online and half said they just don’t want to wait in line. Maybe more surprisingly, only 10% said they like going into the actual store.
  • BOPUS still isn’t perfect in some cases. A third of respondents said they have received poor customer service or their merchandise wasn’t ready to be picked up when they got to the store after a click-and-collect purchase.
  • But, they’re still coming back for more. Ninety-one percent of BOPUS shoppers surveyed said that they were “completely” or “very” likely to use that specific BOPUS service again. Eighty-seven percent said they were at least “very” likely to recommend the service to a friend.

It seems that BOPUS will not be ignored. Get to know it.

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