Markendising Today: Demystifying Content Suppliers

Walmart has several content suppliers they use, including WhyteSpyder. These technology providers house content, such as pictures and logo’s, that is used for SKUs. Content suppliers act as a user-friendly database for product assets that can be easily distributed to multiple retailers

Technology providers should be rich in data and allow constant monitoring of your product’s SKU page. They keep track of which key words are used to find your product, how many views your product’s SKU has, and how many views were from search engines. Additionally, they can monitor stock and inventory. This allows them to address stock issues quickly so the product doesn’t go down in SEO ranking.

Without a content supplier, manufacturers can’t get the data and content that Walmart is requesting. It’s a lot of work to go through every single line of a spread sheet and see what is required.

Content suppliers, such as WhyteSpyder, know what is required. They know what Walmart shoppers are looking for and can add those attributes.

In today’s fast-paced market, speed and efficiency are vital to the omni-channel race. Technology providers and content suppliers allow you to get in compliance with Walmart’s guidelines quickly. These companies have a relationship with Walmart and are able to directly load to the product page so if an edit needs to be made it can quickly be addressed.

Overall, these companies provide quick service and specialized management of your product’s SKU page. They are extremely beneficial for manufactures and suppliers that work with Walmart.

To learn more about content suppliers and the omni-channel race, and marketing your SKU pages, check out this video.

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