Markendising Today: Why Video Matters

WhyteSpyder Director of Content Brooke McNeely

Eric Howerton, author of Markendising and CEO of WhyteSpyder, recently teamed up with Brook McNeely, photojournalist and WhyteSpyder Content Director, to discuss the importance of video on a stock keeping unit (SKU) page.

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, no one has time to read through a product’s entire detailed description. This is why video is so important when creating a product page. A well-made video will grab the customer’s attention and literally show and tell them what your product can do.

A good product video provides a realistic representation of the product in a hands-on, interactive way by sticking to three main guidelines:

  1. Put the bulk of your information in the first 30 to 90 seconds. Studies show that about 60 percent of viewers stop watching a video after 30 seconds. If the majority of your relevant information is spread throughout the video, chances are your customer will get bored and stop watching.
  2. Show a product in a realistic, interactive way. The viewer wants to see how that product works before they purchase it. They want to see the way a dress fits when walking, or the way a coffee cup looks and feels in their hands. They want to vicariously interact with the product through your video.
  3. Get to the point. You don’t want to spend those valuable first 30 seconds blabbering about every aspect your product. Use the written description for that. You want to use your video to grab and retain your audience’s attention quickly and efficiently.


A good video has the ability to create an effort-free, interactive shopping experience for the everyday omni-channel shopper. To learn more about the omni-channel shopper and how video can help increase sales, check out this episode of Markendising Today.

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