Market Track: Grocery and E-Commerce

In a recent Market Track’s Shopper Insight Series Survey infographic, Market Track surveyed 1,000 shoppers (500 males/500 females within multiple age groups) and discovered an upward trend of shoppers purchasing groceries online.

The major insight for omni-channel is that 50% of the surveyed shoppers said they would order groceries online if shipping was free. Retailers are already investing in accommodating this trend through drones and mini distribution outlets.

Another finding that’s interesting for omni-channel growth is that shoppers state they order online because it saves mostly time and it’s easier than purchasing in-store. Although this is comparing e-commerce to in-store directly, when we consider order online, pickup at store or order online and delivery to home via drone, time and convenience is even more convenient as shoppers receive their goods faster than typical e-commerce transactions.

The moral of the story is that shoppers continue to invest their money for convenience, speed and pricing. Manufacturers that ensure their product is available with ease and convenience win. That ease and convenience in the shoppers’ mentality means “I can find your product through search” and “I can make a confident purchasing experience in a virtual setting by reviewing your content.”

The shopper’s decision of whether or not your product appears quickly and your content convinces me happens within an instant when the shopper is online. The answer for manufacturers is simply optimized data and content for every SKU. Without data and content, your product will either not be found or will be ranked low on the list. And without content explaining your product, you will not convince.

Learn more about Market Track and see below for the full infographic:

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