Retailing Today: Real future in holograms


Utilization of augmented reality appears to be making headway at Lowe’s Companies Inc., according to a recent article by Retailing Today. Retailers will continue to introduce new technologies that allow shoppers convenience and confidence in making purchases.

Despite rapid technology introductions, manufacturers should remain focused on providing high quality data and content with each SKU. Data and content are necessary for any innovative technologies to operate effectively and for shoppers to discover and determine products that meet his/her needs.

Think about it: within apps, online stores, order online pickup at store, to even augmented reality experiences, there must be navigation and/or search functions on behalf of the user to find information. Suggestion to manufacturers is to welcome the explosion of omni-channel shopping technologies and focus directly on product data and content: the technology will do the rest.

Read the full article from Retailing Today, written by Dan Berthiaume.

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