Retailing Today: Virtual Reality is Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is getting a lot of attention these days. However, like all technologies in our rapidly changing market, new communication platforms cause disruption and confusion to manufacturers as they determine where to place resources and dollars for marketing.

shoppingWe would like to point out the third way VR will transform the customer experience according to Dan Berthaiaume’s Retailing Today article. His description of VR as, “a handy means of providing more information to customers who want it,” is at the heart of opportunity for manufacturers. That’s not just for VR, but applicable to all channels of communication in the digital age.

Manufacturers should consider VR as yet another channel of communication, like DotCom, social media, etc. The overwhelming forms of technology in the market today can be simply seen as ways to distribute data and content to the shopper. Sure, they all have their specific niche, but at the core, it’s distributing data and content.

Manufacturers should confidently and aggressively invest in detailed, quality, optimized and rich data and content. We’re not talking about social media campaigns, brand messaging or packaging. We’re talking about digging deep within each product, unveiling detailed specifications, the ways and reasons a product was developed, weaving in shopper relevant phrases to appear within search, developing many high quality images, videos, etc. Data and content that answer the many questions shoppers are asking.

Once manufacturers accept the reality that shoppers are continually searching for answers, and that they want data and content that answer their questions, data and content creation should be forever expedited, managed and nourished.

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