Walmart Approved Technology Partners

There are approximately nine approved technology partners listed on the Walmart Supplier Center that can help you fulfill the Walmart SAO initiative to list all products online that are carried in Walmart stores. It can get confusing, however, because the list does not necessarily break down the particular functions that each provider fills. A lot of times these tech partners will work together to get the job done. In this podcast, Eric Howerton and Alex Ahmad of WhyteSpyder hope to help clear up any uncertainty.partner

At the end of the day, Walmart’s request breaks down to compiling data, creating content and uploading that content to How that happens and who does it muddies the waters a bit. Each tech partner has their advantages and strong points, but few can do the job on their own.

This process can be daunting for a manufacturer to undertake. WhyteSpyder, for one, utilizes many of the best assets from other vendors on the list, as well as original attributes, to provide as seamless an experience as possible. WhyteSpyder stands out with the ability to push multiple SKU’s to the server at the same time. They also use Markendising processes to optimize content that helps increase ranking with search engines like Google as well as itself. The higher ranking is achieved through authentic content that leads to more visits and conversions.

Listen to the entire podcast as Eric and Alex describe the different ways that these approved technology partners can help manufacturers with their SKU’s and expand on WhyteSpyder’s capabilities. Also, contact WhyteSpyder and schedule a consultation or sign up for our e-Newsletter. You can also call WhyteSpyder at 479-287-4006.

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