Venture Beat: Walmart Pay’s Rollout Begins

In this article published by, we see more real actions from Walmart’s omni-channel initiative as they test Walmart Pay mobile payment technology across Texas and Arkansas.

scannerThe app is less about competing with other mobile payment options than it is about creating a seamless shopping experience – as Walmart mentions repeatedly. Another thought is how the digital receipts will offer opportunities for suppliers that provide Walmart with optimized data, content and rich media to cross promote relative products to shoppers.

Again, we emphasize that suppliers recognize the bigger picture with Walmart’s advancement in technology and how that will impact the shopper’s convenience. Convenience is the optimal solution to the omni-shopper as they continue to simplify with retailers in the midst of getting what they want, when they want. Of course, with access to the world held in their hands.

Without data and content – suppliers are and will continue to be missing out on rapidly expanding opportunities.

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