Data and Content for SKU Pages

Walmart is asking for data and content from each of its suppliers for every in-store product so they have consistency between online and in-store. Seems simple enough until you look at the volume of SKU’s and the amount of information required on the Walmart Enterprise Specification Sheet. In this podcast, Lorne Carter and Eric Howerton of WhyteSpyder discuss how and why to present this information properly.

Data includes most of the merchandising assets and product attributes for the SKU page. Each SKU deserves hundreds of different attributes that should be utilized, including color, weight, dimensions and basic descriptions. content

Content is what you want the customer to know about the product when they visit the SKU page. It’s divided into two subcategories…basic content and expanded content. Basic content is the product title, shelf description and short and long descriptions. This is the only content that can be optimized when it comes to search ranking. Expanded content includes assets such as photos, videos and interactive product tours.

Web search crawlers work to find the most relevant content for the searcher. This is why optimization is so important. Basic content needs to be shopper relevant to achieve the highest search ranking possible for the SKU to be easily found. Getting found is the name of the game and being on the first search page results in higher click rates.

While not optimizable on, expanded content is what keeps customers on your product page. It’s all about conversion. Videos and feature sets make for the best shopper experience, allowing viewers to see themselves with the product. Often while in-store, it’s difficult for the shopper to see, feel and get to know a product in sealed packaging. Video offers a virtual solution to this common and damaging barrier.

Third-party vendors, such as WhyteSpyder, are expert in providing effective data and content and are versed in the ins and outs of Walmart’s processes. They can prove to be a quick and valuable ally to an already heavily burdened brand team. WhyteSpyder takes it a step further with monthly analytics to assure that the content is performing well and look for clues from the customer regarding your product. This includes keeping up with trending keywords and expanding upon higher performing videos.

For more on winning the content and data war and how that will affect your bottom line, listen to this entire podcast as Eric and Lorne discuss in-depth. Or, contact WhyteSpyder and schedule a consultation or sign up for our e-Newsletter. You can also call WhyteSpyder at 479-287-4006.

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