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Shopper behavior has changed and will continue to change. There is now a greater demand to focus on the informational desires of the shopper, regardless of where or how they choose to shop.  MARKENDISINGSM is a concept created by Eric Howerton and Alex Ahmad in their groundbreaking book of the same title. It takes full advantage of the fundamentals of both marketing and merchandising to satisfy the demands of omni-channel shoppers. Markendising strategies ensure that shoppers can find the products they are looking for and that they will return to shop again and again.

The MARKENDISINGSM Educational Program
The MARKENDISINGSM Educational Program is designed to provide Walmart and Sam’s Club product manufacturers and their marketing/sales agencies the tools to ensure shoppers have accurate, high-quality product data and content that is searchable and consistent on every channel. Webinars, podcasts, blogs, and quarterly conferences are presented to assist manufacturers create, manage, enhance, and expand product information on the product detail page (SKU page), which stimulates product sales online and in-store.

About WhyteSpyder
WhyteSpyder helps Walmart and Sam’s Club manufacturers setup, manage, optimize, enhance, and expand product data and content displayed on the product detail page, or stock keeping unit (SKU) page, on Walmart.com and Samsclub.com. WhyteSpyder keeps with the strategic vision of Walmart and Sam’s Club, while producing and managing content. We can use any distribution technology accepted by retailers that is beneficial for manufacturers and their agencies. Learn more about WhyteSpyder by calling 479-287-4006 or visiting www.whytespyder.com.

About Cameron Smith & Associates
Founded in 1994, Cameron Smith & Associates is an executive search firm that connects Walmart Suppliers with the best and brightest talent. Headquartered in Bentonville, AR, Cameron Smith & Associates has partnered with companies at the cutting edge of category management, consumer insights, sustainability, and global sourcing. Client portfolio includes Fortune 100 corporations, mid-sized public and privately-held companies, and entrepreneurial startups. Learn more about Cameron Smith & Associates by calling 479-271-7886 or visiting www.csarecruiters.com.

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