How WhyteSpyder Can Grow Your SKU in 8 Weeks

Step 1:
SEO Research

Step 2:
Basic Content

Step 3:
Expanded Content

Step 4:
Managing SKUs

WhyteSpyder produces, manages, optimizes and enhances data and content for and It is a time-consuming task to produce an effective SKU page. You’ll want a team that has all the processes in place to get your product page up and running as quick and efficiently as possible. We know how online shoppers shop. We know how to attract them. We know how to maintain their attention. And, we have the success stories to back it up.

The process starts with researching keywords and phrases that people use to find products like yours. Those words are weaved into the basic content sections of your SKU page. This is how searchers find YOUR product in a sea of competition. Then we go to work on the expanded content, producing enhanced assets like lifestyle videos, product tours and 360-degree views. This convinces the shopper that your product is the right choice. We want your product to be explained in detail and for customers to virtually experience your product. WhyteSpyder wants them to feel like they know you and your product personally.

That is just the beginning.

Working with WhyteSpyder is not a job, it’s a relationship. We’ll be by your side throughout the process, providing monthly progress reports on your SKU’s performance. Things change, so we follow online rankings, page traffic, and industry trends to determine what needs to happen to keep you on top. This includes the creation of fresh content and reevaluating keywords to keep the robots, and the humans, coming back for more.

Conversion and return on investment are our shared goals. Call WhyteSpyder today at 479-287-4006 to schedule a consultation. We’re ready and set to go.

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