L2 Inc: Pepto-Bismol Wins with SEO

In today’s high-tech shopping landscape there are tons of ways for a manufacturer to get known and go to market. Pepto-Bismol has proven that winning in this arena doesn’t have to equate to spending a lot of money. L2 Inc’s recent study shows that Pepto-Bismol has found a way to outdo their larger spending competitors that rely on paid search to drive unbranded traffic.

How do they do it? Through a savvy SEO strategy.

SEOHistorically, sick people would go to the drug store and stand in front of the wall of similar products that claim to relieve their malady. The choice may be made on product recognition, brand name, cost or packaging. By today’s standards, that decision would be considered under-informed.

Now, the omni-channel shopper utilizes online resources for product comparisons and recommendations before making a purchase decision. For many, the decision of what product to buy may be made before even leaving the house. They simply search the symptoms that they’re experiencing and are rewarded with a list of products, reviews and articles that fit the bill. That’s where Pepto-Bismol is winning.

According to L2 Inc, “For Pepto-Bismol, 64% of unbranded organic search traffic comes from users typing in the symptoms listed on the product label (heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea). For four of those terms, Pepto-Bismol controls nearly 100% of traffic. Even for the most competitive term in the sector (“heartburn”), the brand captures 13% of traffic, putting it ahead of much larger competitors such as Nexium and Zantac. Thus the brand has little need to invest further in SEM.”


By maintaining a consistent Pepto-Bismol brand message through the years and translating that message into the digital arena has built superior recognition based on their core strengths. That has resulted in high SEO rankings referenced by ailing consumers all over the world and, more importantly, sales.

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