Markendising: It Really Works

The shopping community has changed immensely thanks to advances in technology. Shoppers are now the driving force in our omni-channel marketing world than ever before. Manufacturers need to meet the needs of the shoppers because they are telling where and when they want to shop. The shopper is steering the ship…and manufacturers need to listen and respond.

WhyteSpyder has answered the call through Markendising. Through this newly developed process, shoppers are provided with more product data and content to make informed purchase decisions than ever before. The fact that technology plays such a huge role in today’s shopping environment is mutually beneficial to the shopper and the supplier. Omni-channel shoppers get convenience with the touch of a button and suppliers are able to provide customers with even more information than they would get if they were in-store…where they want it, when they want it and how they want to get it.

Through videos, reviews, detailed product descriptions, etc., retailers and manufacturers can use different mediums to get their products known by the customer. Optimizing your content and data enhances the omni-channel shopping experience. In this Markendising podcast, WhyteSpyder’s Client Relations Director, Lane Dickerson Adams reviews a recent WhyteSpyder case study. The manufacturer utilized Markendising practices to upgrade its product pages and saw almost immediate results. Sales, SKU visits and SEO tripled in a short time.

To learn more about Markendising and how it can work for you, listen to this podcast!

April 18, 2016

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