Retailing Today: Millennial Customers

A recent article by Retailing Today about millennial shoppers sheds more light on the need for a MARKENDISING strategy, especially the following:shutterstock_297949631

“Millennials are deep researchers by nature: 72% of millennials say that they frequently ask for others’ opinions before they buy something, and seek opinions before making a purchase. Millennials are more apt to conduct independent research using search engines, ratings/reviews sites, and digital social networks to uncover issues that others may have encountered.”

MARKENDISING is the communication approach that focuses on the omni-channel shopper that uses all channels to gain information about a product. The three channels mentioned above (search engines, ratings/reviews and social networks) specifically require data and content for each product.

It’s difficult, and mostly annoying, for millennial shoppers to find a product through search engines without optimized product data and content. Ratings/reviews are increased organically when shoppers are convinced to purchase a product due to satisfying information and are inclined to leave reviews to manufacturers that are engaged with ratings/reviews. Finally, when manufacturers provide quality data and content for each product, social sharing is more easily and better conveyed through the shopper’s social networks.

It’s pretty well impossible to expect the millennial shopper to change – however, manufacturers can change by ensuring someone within its organization is dedicated to MARKENDISING – titled the “MARKENDISER.”

Read the full article from Retailing Today, written by Gina Acosta.

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